Hey stranger, this is my personal website and it is intended to showcase my artistic and programmatic endeavors. I'm an American artist, musician, and software developer. I also write short stories, poetry, and screenplays, you won't find any of that here though, strictly the cool stuff. I hope that you enjoy browsing through my work. NOTE: Some stuff is still incomplete. Sorry.

  • There is a section for my C++ binaries and source code.
  • A section for my Flash binaries and source code.
  • Another section for my Artwork.
  • A section for Downloads of miscellaneous things.
  • Yet another section for Tutorials for Flash, C++, PHP, etc.
  • As well as Links and an in-depth About page.


If you just hopped here from then you're probably looking for my flash and tutorials articles. I am an excellent AS1 and AS2 programmer, I also know AS3 to pretty satisfactory degree, still working on it though as I took a bit of a hiatus from flash for a while, but now I'm back. Drop me an email for any specific programming questions, my contact information is available on the About page. Contact me on newgrounds, under jwhitt, for my personal email address.


I have been designing web pages ever since I got my first computer, HTML was the first language I learned, aside from English of course, and I personally coded this page by hand without using dreamweaver or any other WYSIWYG software. Impressed? Well, if you'd like me to design a page for you, free of charge, just email me. I'll answer promptly, I promise. :)

This page is sure to update regulary once I get settled into it. Check back for more downloads and tutorials and such. Take care, guys.